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Haji Zahid Husain Zaidi left us

Posted by Ehan Abbas on August 3, 2013 at 7:55 AM

Wednesday, 20 the day of February: Haji Janab Zahid Husain Zaidi sahab of Gowali Sadaat passed away at a Chandpur Hospital on wednesday (February 20,2013). He was 82 and his survived by a son and daughter. He was admitted to Moradabad hospital on 17th Feb after suffering from Brain Hemmorage. He was later shifted to Garg Nursing home in Chandpur. His health detoriated af around 5:00 AM and was declared dead at 5:25 am. The whole of Gowali Sadaat is under shock and people around whole of India are coming to pay him their last homage. Mr Husain was a true beliver , momin, and a great soul who left us on 20th Feb. He never missed the farz namaaz, always loved poor and the helped the needy people. He was a true azadaar of Imam Husain (a.s.). His Soyam Majlis will be address by Janab Moulana Naeem Abbas (Nowgawan sadaat) and his 40th day Majlis will be held on 24th March (sunday) which will be address by Janaab Moulana Qamar Sultan (Jarcha).Please recite surah fatehah for Janaab Zahid Husain Zaidi Ibne Janaab Zayar Husain Zaidi. May his soul rest in peace and may Allah (S.w. T.) grant him highest place in jannah! - Ameen.

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